Mototouring Srl
Via del Ricordo 31
20128 Milano (Italy)
tel +39 02.2720.1556
fax +39 - 02.9366.0584
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RENTAL: Motorcycle, sidecar and vintage car rental in Italy
As rental demand increased, we have accordingly enhanced the mootorbikes availability by adding more pick-up and drop-off points: Milan, Rome and recently Florence, Palermo and Nice.
If you are a biker truly indeed and want to get married having the wind on your face, you may want to carry your spouse on a sidecar. Mototouring offers sidecar rental to be used in ceremony, for short day trips and photo shoots. Do not ask a motorbike for long journeys, it is not suitable at all!
Vintage and classic cars
If sidecar is not your cup of tea, try one of our classic cars. Available for you, are a white Fiat 1500 Cabriolet with red interior, an MG B spider, a Mercedes Pagoda 230 SL and a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia spider.
Rent your bike in Marrakech
Since 2013 - thanks to an agreement with a local operator - Mototouring rents bikes in Morocco, based in Marrakech.
Our motorcycles
Since 2000, we are always trying to satisfy our customers doing the best we can to give you reliable bikes and excellent service.
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TRAVEL: classic motorcycle tours
For a long time we were dreaming about vintage bikes to ride on our wonderful roads showing our customers the most beautiful italian landscapes. The time has come: we have the bikes, we have the knowledge, we have the itineraries and now ...we have the age!
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Mototouring is a truly international motorcycle touring company with over 20 years of adventure touring in Europe, Africa, Central and South America. Eligio Arturi, the multi-lingual leader removes all the mysteries and logistical nightmares to ensure that your adventure is really a unique vacation, which will leave you with incredible memories. You will be immersed in foreign cultures, dine on savory regional cuisine, and enjoy riding through historic locales.
Google Maps ®
Most of our tours have been plotted on Google Maps ®. Have a look at the interactive mashup showing routes, pictures and amenities we'll find on the road.
YouTube ®
Africa, Usa, South America, Himalaya; some of our tours have been filmed and loaded into YouTube ®. Have a look at these video showing routes, pictures and amenities we've found along the road.
Facebook ®
Have a look at our Facebook page: diary, pictures and a lot of friends!
Our fleet of "classics"
Here are our classics. You can even try them all, joining one of our our classic / vintage tours!
Why not to rent a Vespa?
Here are our classics. You can even try them all, joining one of our our classic / vintage tours in Italy!
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STORAGE: Storage and maintenance
Keep your bike in our premises in Milan: 6 months, one year, two years or even all of your life!
Motorcycle purchase,
a truly viable option
If you do not have a motorcycle we can also find the motorcycle for you, buy it and keep it ready for your next trip to Italy.
Here is our LiveCam turned on our Storage in Milan.
Where we are and how to reach us
Our storage is located in Milan, Via del Ricordo 31. Click on the map to find how to reach us.
Tyres rotation and balancing, oil and filter change, transmission check, battery disconnection / connection, battery replacement, etc....
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GREEN CARD: insurance for non-european vehicles only
The UCI, an Italian insurance company connected with the ACI, the Italian Automobile Club, can issue a Green Card policy valid for the EU countries and other European countries.

Mototouring Srl - Via del Ricordo 31, 20128 Milano - Italy
Phone: +39 02 2720 1556 - - Skype: mototouring1